Time tracking software to help your team be more productive while working remotely. 


Clocky is the only truly free online employee time clock app for accurate Clock-in and clock-out. With it, employees can track time using t, and you the Clocky mobile app for iOS and Android. It can track employee attendance, see who works on what, and export data for payroll system.

Everything your team needs to work smarter

Time Tracking

Track your employees using an app for Android and iOS



A high-level and deep dive into productivity data.


GPS tracking

See when your team’s on the road or on site.



Productivity monitoring

Know what your employees are doing and where they are in near real time.


Time Sheets

Forget spreadsheets, Clocky has you covered with automatically generated timesheets


Integration with ZK Teco Biometric

Full Attendance System, Clocky can get real time reports fro your ZK Teco Biometric Devices


Simple, accurate work time tracking software
for growing businesses

Easy time tracking. Stress-free work monitoring. Advanced reporting.

Online timesheets you can trust

Timestamps, geolocation, biometric verification, all ensure accurate attendance data. No more verifying if record is correct. The system will automatically generate The Time Record / Attendance of each employee. The system can also export to csv.

GPS Time Tracking

Your team can track time from their own Android or iOS mobile device, allowing them to clock in and out wherever they are. Monitor Employees Exact location with the builtin GPS Log every time the employee initiates a Time In or Time Out. Please note that employees can not chooses own location. The App will use the device GPS to determine the exact location and address.

Client Pictures and Client Tasks

Your employees can take pictures 

Fight Against Covid

These past months the term “the new normal” has been used by our government officials most specially our President as being the new way of life. Among the topics brought about this “new normal” is the constant guard we must have against this unseen enemy, COVID-19. It is our desire to provide you with the means to accurately and efficiently monitor your local business owners and functioning establishments through “Clocky Fight Agains Covid”. With this application, you may receive daily, weekly, monthly reports as to which companies has had their premises professionally disinfected. With these reports, you may be able to effectively uphold your possible decision to penalize those not doing their part to ensure the safety of your constituents.

Easily Monitor Establishment Disinfectant History

Local government can easily monitor establishments not disinfected yet. By doing so, they can immediately take action to ensure the safety of the general public. The system will also give the detailed history of disinfections.

Centralized Monitoring of Establishments

One dashboard to see and monitor all disinfection activities in the local government. if a company has branches the system can also help them monitor if it is time to disinfect the establishment

Automatic Email Reporting

No need to log into the Clocky system. Clocky will automatically email the reports that matter the most. Reminders, end of day report, weekly report and monthly consolidated reports will be sent to your email.

Easy Access to Disinfectant Companies

Disinfectant companies can easily register to the cocky system and help them in monitoring clients and n submitting reports to local government. Everything will be automated. 

Easily Trigger Establishment Disinfectant Done

Disinfection companies, will trigger a disinfectant done into the clocky system with pictures and client signature. assuring that the job was well done and was accepted by the client

Know Which Branch or Establishments not Disinfected

The Clocky system will generate reports of establishments that are due for disinfection. The system will send automated email reminder to the establishments for the reminders.

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