360 School Management System

360 School Management System is the best school echo system that combines teacher, student, parent and other school staffs in a single automation software. 

The system was built to provide all important features you would require to run your school. 

We built the 360 SchoolManagement System with an addon system and api for mobile apps, which can be extended to unlimited features



School Setup

Setup your school according to your preferences. Create new Classes and Classrooms


Manage couple of essentials Academic Scool Area like creating a departments, adding teachers and adding syllabus


360 Logix SchoolManagement System admission process automates the various steps involved in admission of students.

User Management

In 360 School Management System there are 7 different user roles. Superadmin, Admin, Teacher, Parent, Student, Accountant and Librarian.


Teacher permission

Assign Teacher’s task permission. You just need to choose the specific Teacher and add the permission needed


360 School Management System provides Admins and Teachers a convenient way to track the attendance of students

Class Routine

360 School Management System’s Class Routine module has been helping schools to schedule and manage week based class timing.

Event Calendar

360 School Management System now maintains events with an elegant way. All the user can get access to it.


Exam and Grades

360 School Management System provides flexible Exam module with user preferable Grading system.

Student Promotion

Promote students to the next class as well as next session. with 360 SchoolM Management System it is now very easy to promote a student.


Accounting allows to record Fees and Expenses. Fees can be collected from parent and students.

Library Manager

Using library manager, Librarian or Admin can organize and manage books with all details available for the books.


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