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Discover the incredible potential of our comprehensive Sales and Marketing Platform, designed to seamlessly integrate and empower your business with improved communication, targeted campaigns and enhanced efficiency.

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Boost your business with leads. With 360 Connect, our comprehensive CRM platform for sales and marketing, you'll have the necessary tools to engage potential customers who are already interested in what you offer. These leads serve as the foundation for growth, allowing for targeted interactions, building credibility and driving revenue. Take your business to new heights with 360 Connect.

Lead Generation Simplified: Your All-In-One Solution

Say goodbye to the hassle of piecing together multiple platforms – welcome to a unified toolbox on one platform!


Streamline Lead Capture: We will create and manage you Landing Pages, Surveys, Forms, Calendars, Inbound Phone System & More


Seamless Integration: Empowering Automation to Engage and Nurture Your Leads.


Unlock Business Potential: Leverage Our Integrated Tools for Payment Collection, Appointment Scheduling, and Data Analytics!

Centralized Inbox

Say Goodbye to Inbox Clutter.

Don't let any messages slip through the cracks by managing all your emails, social media notifications and text messages in one convenient inbox.

  • We have introduced a groundbreaking feature that consolidates customer conversations from different channels into one seamless and user friendly discussion thread.

  • Access communication history for each client.

  • Reach your customers where they already are.

Customer Relationship Management System (CRM)

Finally, an effortless solution to effectively manage your customer information.

CRM for small businesses doesn't have to be complicated. The 360 Connect CRM platform is designed specifically to simplify the process, eliminating the need to search through messages, emails and notes.


Boost Reviews, Boost Revenue!

Boost your online reputation and attract a larger customer base with our top notch review software designed specifically for local businesses.


Ditch calendar chaos with appointment scheduling.

Ensure that your customers can conveniently schedule appointments online, without the risk of double booking and overcrowding your calendar.

Social Media Management

Don’t let likes and comments stress you out, simplify your social media management.

Take control of all your social media profiles from one central platform, allowing you to engage with your customers on the platforms they prefer. Alternatively, you can choose to delegate the management tasks to 360 Connect.


What is 360 Connect by 360 Logix Solutions Inc.?

Our main product, 360 Connect is the cornerstone of our company 360 Logix Solutions Inc. It aims to transform how customer relationship management is done. This all inclusive platform combines cutting edge functionalities to improve customer interactions and make business operations more efficient.

How does 360 Connect simplify customer communication?

360 Connect provides a platform where customer communication is integrated bringing together messages, emails and notes from channels into a single organized thread. This unique method guarantees that no crucial communication is overlooked, enabling prompt and efficient responses.

Do you offer free trial?

While we don't provide a free trial, we do offer the assurance of a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you find that our software isn't the ideal match for your needs during this period, we'll promptly refund your subscription, and there's no need to provide any explanations – it's hassle-free.

Can I access a complete history of client communications?

Definitely! By using 360 Connect you can access a record of all client interactions. This incredible feature enables you to grasp client preferences customize interactions and deliver service.

Tell me more about the appointment scheduling feature.

360 Connects appointment scheduling feature aims to simplify the process of booking appointments. Clients have the convenience of scheduling their appointments eliminating any concerns about booking. This feature enhances your scheduling efficiency allowing you more time to dedicate to providing service.

How does 360 Connect's reviews software benefit local businesses?

360 Connects reviews software is truly transformative for businesses. It automates the request for review. from clients which in turn boosts your reputation and ultimately leads to increased revenue. Improved rankings and positive feedback have the power to attract a stream of customers.

How does 360 Connect handle social media management?

At the heart of 360 Connect lies the goal of making social media management easier. With our platform you can effortlessly share posts, across all your accounts ensuring that you connect with your audience where they are most active. This incredible feature not saves you time and effort but also helps you maintain a robust online presence.

How can I integrate 360 Connect into my business?

Incorporating 360 Connect into your company is a process. We'll onboard you through the setup procedure. We recognize the distinctiveness of your business. We will setup the software to best suit your industry.

Is 360 Connect suitable for businesses of all sizes in the events industry?

Absolutely! 360 Connect is specifically crafted to serve businesses regardless of their scale. Whether you're a budding startup or a established enterprise our platform offers a range of features that can be customized to suit your unique requirements.

How does 360 Connect ensure data security and privacy?

At 360 Logix Solutions Inc. ensuring the security and privacy of data is our priority. We utilize state of the art encryption and security protocols to protect all customer information. Our platform strictly follows industry standards to guarantee the confidentiality and safety of your data.

Can I customize 360 Connect to align with my branding?

Certainly. We fully grasp the significance of upholding a brand identity. Through 360 Connect you have the ability to personalize the platforms appearance and communication templates in order to mirror your branding.

Does 360 Connect offer analytics and insights?

360 Connect offers analytics and valuable insights regarding customer interactions trends. These valuable insights enable you to make informed decisions, tune your strategies and consistently improve your relationships with customers.


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